Today I did 10 hours of “virtual development and testing” and it cost the company $320.

We have a release coming up. The scrum teams have been working hard to get a responsive site ready to go.

Because we’re Agile we are working on the most important issues first. So we know were going to get the most important stuff done. But it would be great if we had a little move capacity so we could get through a little more of our backlog prior to release (isn’t it always?).

As an Agile Coach I can’t develop or test at the same level as the team members.

So how do I help?


For Friday lunch we ordered $320 worth of pizza.

The developers and testers were stoked that they all got free pizza for lunch.

The average time to eat the pizza and got back to work was well under 20 minutes.

If we assume that the average team member takes 60 minutes for lunch (conservative for a Friday) this means we gained an extra 40 minutes of dev/test capacity per team members. This equates to 600 minutes or 10 hours of extra capacity.

By buying $320 worth of pizza the company earned at least 10 hours of extra development/testing time. A bargain if ever there was one.