63 – The number of countries I have now backpacked

23 – The total number of countries on this trip

20 – The new countries I saw

0 – Boring anecdotes from my life that the Runt hasn’t had to listen to at least once. The poor bastard has heard them all now.

22 – Flights, hard to believe eh?

0 – Serious injuries or illnesses gotten on the trip.

Loads – Great people met.

Not many – Sunny days. I am the rain bringer after all.


23 countries in 127 day is quite a lot. I wouldn’t say it was to rushed but I would offer this piece of advice.

Don’t plan a trip like this with a fixed deadline, like a friends wedding. If you do try to find more flexible friends who are flexible on dates and last minute changes. While on the road you are bound to find things that you did not know in the planning stage that you will want to add on to the overall trip. Also despite how small things look on your map it will undoubtedly take much longer to get there once they have loaded all of the chicken coops on the bus.

Remember, people who try to tell you its a small world haven’t tried to photograph it.


All of them. But if I had to choose a list of countries that are definitely on the hit list for a return visit.India – It’s a huge country and I only got a taste for it.

USA – It’s a huge country and I only got a taste for it. In the next few years I hope to buy a camper van there and drive it with a few friends. Naturally you are all invited.

Croatia – to see what it is like in the summer.

Poland and Slovakia – to go hiking again.

Bulgaria – just because I liked it.