If you aren’t an internet geek this will mean nothing to you. But to those of us who spend our days coding sites so that they work on all the different browsers and platforms on the wild wild web this is huge news.

The Acid2 test is a complicated web page that will only display correctly on a browser that conforms to a set internationally accepted standards outlined by the W3C. If the web browser that you are using supports web standards then the Acid2 test pages will display a nice smiley face. If it doesn’t then the results will be not such a nice smiley face.

You can click here to see how your current web browser performs on the Acid2 test. It probably doesn’t do too well.

The point is though there are lots of internet browsers out there like Firefox, Safari, Opera etc and most of them are moving towards being fully standards compliant. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on the other hand is a pile of poorly coded junk and doesn’t even come close to passing the Acid2 test. I guess they always figured that if they pre-packaged their internet browser with the Windows operating system then they would not have to comply to international standards. This is a real bugger for web developers like me because we have to code our sites to work on most of the worlds internet browsers and then we have to code them to work on IE6.

Recently Microsoft has been losing a share fo the browser market to a far superior standards compliant browser called Firefox. To stop the rot Microsoft released IE7 but that was largely based on the original code from IE6 and wasn’t really much better. So it looks like Microsoft have finally gotten the message and built their next internet browser IE8 from scratch so that it complies with the correct international standards. The follow picture from the IEBlog shows that IE8 will comply with pass the Acid2 test.

IE8 will pass the Acid2 test

If this can be believed then it is the most significant development for internet browsers in a long time.

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