Sometimes as Scrummasters we spoon-feed our teams a bit too much by doing loads of small support tasks for them. To make our teams really strong and self-organising we need to take a step back and do as few things for them as possible.

So a simple way to live that day-by-day is to not spoon-feed players [as a coach]. And that might be [something simple like] not handing out a daily plan every day.” Wayne Smith, All Black Coach

This is a list of trivial things that you might be doing that you can easily offload to the team.

  • Bringing postits and sharpies to the Planning meeting
  • Turning on the digital board before the morning standup
  • Printing and drawing the line for the Iteration Burndown chart
  • Printing Story cards form JIRA (or other Agile software)
  • Calls the countdown for Planning Poker – the Product Owner should do this
  • Orders new stationary eg postits and sharpies
  • Cleaning the board at the end of the Iteration
  • Moves the Board into the meeting room for planning
  • Filling out the Capacity Plan for the team
  • Closing the Iteration off in JIRA
  • Starting the new Iteration in JIRA

What else can you think of?

Every iteration try to think of one small thing you are still doing for the Team and let them know that they will be taking responsibility for that from now on. Slowly but surely they will take full control and responsibility for their own Agile journey