Rachel and I went down to Russell Square to see the Olympic Torch march and associated protests. Hundreds of protesters turned up to make their voices heard.

The police line near Russell Square

Naturally the police were out in force to make sure the torch reached it’s goal and to stop any trouble.

Large numbers of police surrounded the torch at every stage of the run

What really surprised me was the large number of pro-Chinese people there.

China had loads of supporters too

Many of the China supporters were very vocal and more than happy to argue their case. Their arguments came down to a few main points:

  • Sport and politics should be separate
  • Tibetans kill Chinese people you can see it on Youtube
  • You haven’t been to China so you can’t have an opinion

These seriously were the points made by many seemingly educated young Chinese men and women as a justification for the recent violent actions of the Chinese government. The irony of engaging in vigorous debate to support a regime that violently suppresses all dissenting views was lost on them.

Personally I think we are all lucky to be living in a country where people can have a vigorous and heated debate on the side of the road.

This is my favourite photo of the day. It makes me wonder if the huge number of police present are part of the Chinese dream.

Share the dream indeed

It’s going to be an interesting year for all involved and sadly I don’t think we have seen the end of the blood.

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