A friend in NZ recently sent me a picture on his mobile phone. NZ can sometimes be a little behind the crest of the technology wave because it is a smaller lower value market than some other countries like the UK.

One thing that really annoys me though is when NZ is 8 years behind the UK.

In 2002 when a friend in NZ sent me a picture text message their service provider would send me a text with information on how to download that picture from their website. Today (2010) I was sent a picture message from NZ and was stunned to realise that to get a picture message you still have to log onto a website to view the message.

This is the message I got today from a Runty showing off his new wife that almost no one has met.

Runty and Mrs Runty 2010

And while I was on the site I also found these pictures from 2007 and 2005 respectively.

Happy Birthday from Paolo 2007

Naturally they don’t mean as much today as they did when they were sent.