Team GBH (Grievous/Grant, Bodily/Bill, Harm/Hubbers)

Today I completed my first sprint-triathlon. The location was the picturesque rowing lake at Eton which will be used for the for the rowing at the 2012 Olympics in London. The triathlon was a short one with shorter distances called a sprint triathlon. To make it even easier the race was run in sequence so each team member had to complete each discipline before the first team member could start the next discipline.

The whole race was a 400 meter swim followed by a 15 kilometre cycle and finally a 5 kms run.

Triathlete Swim 400m Bike 15kms Run 5km Total time
Bill 8.18 28.41 23.32 59.91
Hubbers 8.32 29.20 25.21 62.73
Grant 11.05 30.31 26.24 67.60

On the whole I am very happy with my times although my right calf exploded in pain about a third of the way into the run. At the time the only thing keeping me from quitting was the fact that I would have let Grant and Bill down. Five hours later it’s still quite sore so, at Cam’s suggestion, I have two ice packs strapped to it. I’m not 100% I can fully trust Cam as after imparting his medical advice he told me he is training towards an ultra-marathon in the Sahara so he is clearly mad.

Right calf getting some ice action after triathlon

Full results here

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