Yesterday I completed my first proper sprint triathlon (the one last year was done in relay).

My split times were as follows

Swim 750m 00:15:27
Transition One 00:03:21
Cycle 20kms 00:40:32
Transition Two 00:01:21
Run Lap One 00:13:33
Run Lap Two 00:13:22.

Total time 01:27:40

Full results here

The swim was really cold and I got a little lost by the end. When I got to the transition zone for the cycle I couldn?t find my bike. I remembered my race number and started looking at all of the numbers on the racks when the guy standing next to me said ?hey aren?t you the bike next to me?? He was right I was standing two meters from my bike and couldn?t see it. Even then the transition took ages because I had forgotten to put my tri-suit on properly before the race so I had put it on then and there with cold weak arms before I could get on my bike

On the cycle I was all over the place and probably wasn?t with-it enough to be on the open road for the first 5kms but after that I really got into it and even overtook a few guys on racing bikes (more overtook me though). Also I finished with a fair bit of gas in the tank so I probably could have gone harder, especially towards the end. The run started like the ride with blood in all the wrong muscles and all sorts of niggling cramps but after a couple of kilometres I felt a lot better and was able to get into a rhythm.

Huge credit to Caroline who drove up to Milton Keynes with me for this madness and posted a thoroughly respectable 148.71 for her first triathlon. Especially when you consider that she only had seven weeks to train for the whole thing!

Advice for triathletes starting out

  • Mark your bike with a hydrogen balloon. After a freezing cold swim at race speed you will be disorientated and slow witted
  • Get Velcro shoes ? laces will no be possible with freezing hands