I have added a link to the Amnesty International Irrepressible Info site for undermining unwarranted internet censorship
It’s the green box at the top corner of this blog.

Not totally sure how it will work as it only publishes a tiny snippet of each repressed/blocked story. So if you are in an oppressed country and you happen to see my blog (why?) and you see that link with something about your missing uncle –
Three bodies were found outside Opressorville today. One of them was that of Uncle

– and you want to read more so you click on the link … it doesn’t take you to a place where you can actually see the rest of the story. Instead it takes you to the Amnesty International site which also only shows you another tantalising snippet of the story about your uncle so you have to click on a link to the original story which if you remember correctly at the beginning of the post is BLOCKED. Don’t get me started on how the Amnesty International site is bound to be one of the first to be blocked by any oppressive dictator worth his weight in forged ballot papers.
The point is that oppressive dictators are BAD and censorship is BAD and I am doing something about it so take that, evil oppressive dictators!!! Block me if you dare!!!