Today I am travelling to Libya or Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya as it is more accurately known.

Straight off the bat I want to say that there is something that really concerns me about Libya. No it’s not their history of terrorism or the fact that they are a socialist dictatorship. It’s not even the fact that their flag is entirely green with no other colours or features even though they are the only country to have a completely plain single coloured flag.

It’s the fact that Libya is dry. And not dry like the fact that Libya is mostly a desert and some parts only get rain once every five to ten years. No Libya is dry like a blue light disco is dry. All forms of refreshment with alcohol in them are completely illegal and this law is rigorously enforced by the local police.

Actually after hanging with South Africans for the last few weeks my liver etc could probably do with a holiday with the rest of the body for once. Not like the usual holidays where the body gets some time off but the liver has to do overtime.

Lybia is the 83rd country I have travelled to since I arrived in London just over ten years ago.