Bit gutted about backtracking to Cairo as I left on impulse when a cheap opportunity presented itself. But there are a couple of things that I didn’t get around to seeing when I was there the first and second times. Clearly my travel plans have become a little confused of late :)

Arriving at 8am I decided that the interrupted sleep I got in the overnight taxi was easily enough so I spent the morning wandering around the ‘fabulous’ Egyptian musuem. The highlights had to be the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb and creepy mummies room. The mummies were a little disappointing as they weren’t walking around stiffly, moaning and strangling people. Although the mummy of Raises II did look like it was gasping for air, which was quite funny as it is in a sealed glass box.

King Tutenkahmun, Cairo Museum, Egypt

King Tutenkahmun treasure, Cairo Museum, Egypt

After that I was back in my bed by twelve to sleep the day away. Not as tough as I thought after all eh?

That evening I watched the light show at the Giza plateau, which was also pretty cool.