Malta is a beautiful place to go and I fully recommend it if you are interested in history and travel and food but they only have a couple of reasonable beaches. Today we decided against touring around and getting lost again and spent it at the beach getting half a tan. The front half.

On the food front I had the two best steaks I can remember having for a long time today. As Sophie would say ‘mmm meat’.


Another holiday game that I invented a while back is called Coozer. The idea is to get the word ‘coozer‘ into as many peoples home videos as possible. This is usually done by yelling it loudly while people are filming tourist attractions. The Easter Weekend All Malta Coozer Classic was a tightly fought contest that was neck and neck all the way and went right down to the wire i.e. Sophie won 3 to 2.


At the airport we played a game I heard about ages ago but have never played. It’s quite simple. Everyone puts in their credit cards in a bag and the person whose card is drawn out pays for the drinks. Murphy’s law of drinking games states that the person whose bright idea it is to play this game will undoubtedly end up paying for the first round. Doh!

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