Up early to pick up a rental that is looks a lot like the car Mr Bean drives only it’s not that cool. The tiny Hundai Atos is ideal for Malta where the roads are thin and windy and parking spaces are rarer than hens teeth. We have lovingly christened it The Bean Machine.

Drove down to Marsaxlokk, a gorgeous little fishing village with brightly coloured fishing boats and a lively market. Then after some effort we found Mdina which is a stunning old city/castle in the centre of Malta.

Driving is Malta is an interesting experience. The roads are in quite poor condition and they never seem to go where you want them to go. Often the roads you want to take are closed or a one way coming in the other direction. This leads to endless circling and massive detours through narrow streets. The final obstacle for the intrepid tourist in his rental is the near complete lack of anything resembling a road sign. The few signs that there are, are frequently obscured by trees, rendering them completely useless. In the evening the drive home that should have taken twenty minutes ended up taking over two hours. When we finally made it home we spent another thirty minutes looking for a park and eventually found one a mere five minutes walk from our hotel.

Sophie kept us entertained by talking non-stop all day. Her best comment was ‘What is Good Morning Vietnam from’? The first correct answer on the back of a ten quid note to my new flat gets an authentic Maltese fridge magnet.

More casino in the evening. This time I doubled my money. Woohoo. Mind you two times almost nothing is still almost almost nothing. Bummer.