This is one of the best days we have had on tour. I fully recommend doing the wine tour. We met some fabulous people, ate some fabulous food and drank loads of excellent wine and other alcoholic delights. I even learnt the best new drinking game I have learnt since university.


The nail game goes like this. You need one big block of wood, one hammer with a big and thin side to the head and one nail per person. First you tap all of the nails a little way into the block and then every person gets a turn trying to hammer their nail in only using the thin side of the hammer head. It’s much harder than it sounds and every miss means you have a drink. Finishing last is a full vessel offence. Smashing stuff and the Runt cleaned up.


Runty left his bag at the Wombat hostel bar after the crawl. The list of stuff missing includes:
The bag itself

Cards X 2

Chess (this includes the draughts and snakes and ladders)
Schnapps X 2

Runty is gutted that the world is so full of thieves when he is so honest. I agree.