Hello my friends!

I hope you are wearing your reading hats :)

I have had a couple of comments that my emails (and therefore travels) seem to consist entirely of my battles with taxi drivers and other dodgy scammers. While this may seem to be the case (and indeed sometimes feels like it is the case) I can assure you that it is only a small part of the adventure I am having. The problem is that I think lying and thieving taxi drivers makes for better tales than lame descriptions of the sights I have seen. Which usually involves a sentence with the name of the sight attached to an adjective like beautiful, amazing or fabulous. Probably not the best reading but I include it anyway so that you know that I don’t spend all my time chasing crooked taxi drivers with a big stick.

The other main type of comment I get runs along the line of “have you had any shags yet?” the answer to this is no. I have had a few offers of gay sex but since that’s not really my thing I have had a very quite (perhaps silent would be a more accurate word) tour on that front. Thanks for asking anyway, if the situation changes I can assure you that you will all be the first to know.

The journey from Cairo to Dahab deserves a special mention for the fact that we drove the entire seven-hour journey to Dahab with our lights on high beam and our hazard lights flashing. Finally, an Egyptian driver who takes road safety seriously.