Took a package tour of the local sites. You have to do it in a tour because of the distances involved and because the police make all the tour vehicles go in convoy in case of trouble with any gun toting rebel scum. The highlight of the day was the outstanding Temple of Abou Simble, which has four twenty meter high statues carved into a solid rock mountain face.

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Hubber at Abu Simbel, Egypt

Abu Simbel, Egypt

The temple on the island of Philea was also pretty amazing except the experience was tainted by the locals who run the ferry refused to let James, myself and a Japanese guy (who’s name I could never catch) join any other boat heading to the island and insist that we pay for our own separate boat. Wankers. Things got a little heated for a while until we started tell each new group of arrivals what the best price negotiated so far was. Then the ferry guys let us join a group of Italians because we were costing them money they could be scamming out of other tourists.

Japanese guy, Rob, Hubbers, Philae, Egypt

Caught the train to Luxor and saw the amazing Luxor temple under lights at night. All in all an amazing day sightseeing in Egypt.