Somehow we managed to get up in time for our complimentary breakfast. This was followed by another long sleep. Normally I like to get up early and do as much as possible when I am travelling but today I broke that rule. I must be getting slack in my old age.

Ambushed by our ‘holiday rep’ who tried to plan and book our entire weekend for us at no small commission to herself. In the end we booked one overpriced excursion to the island of Gozo for Saturday. Spent the remainder of the weekend thinking up a catchy name for her. Needless to say none were very nice.

We caught a bus to the Capital Valetta in the afternoon. The buses here are a hoot. They are all owned by their drivers and because of this some are brand spanking new and some look like they are classic buses from the fifty’s. All of them are beautifully maintained in their original glory.

Valetta is a beautiful medieval stone city rammed with distractions for tourists. Saw some of the amazing buildings and churches. Sophie was kicked out of one for dressing like a tourist whore. Funny. For some unexplained reason we left for home just before the Easter Friday street parade and missed the whole thing.

Quiet night as almost nothing is open in staunchly Roman Catholic Malta.