Avatars are picture representations of the members of the scrum team that are used on Scrum and Kanban boards to show what each team member is working on.



Avatars are moved by the individual team members they represent at the daily stand-up. Prior to stand-up avatars will be placed next to the stories/tasks that the team member has been working on the in the previous day. During stand-up when the team member says what they will be working on in the upcoming day they should place their avatar(s) next to the relevant story/task on the board.

Everyone should have two or three Avatars for times when they are working on more than one task over the next day. As a general rule avatars should be limited to two or three because generally it’s good for productivity and throughput to limit work in progress (WIP).

Avatars should always include the name of the team member so that people from outside the team can identify who they are.

Colour coding can be used to indicate the primary functional skill of the team member eg tester

If your Scrum board uses regular sized postits, make sure your avatars are no taller than the size of postit notes so they can be clearly aligned to tasks without obstructing the tasks above or below. This is especially useful on busy agile boards with a lot of stories on them.

Online avatar resources

There are loads of great free online sources for Avatars

Limited options without starting an account but quick and easy. Requires a screen grab and crop to save avatar

Head shots only but very versatile

Lots of options and lots of fun

Great for south park fans

Or Google for many more options.