For the last three weeks I have been in South Africa for a holiday, a wedding (not mine) and a honeymoon (also not mine).

Several of us flew out on the 19th of March and there was one hell of a 14 hour party flight. Some time during the night the Kiwi boys had a nap but the South African girls powered through. To the point where one of them fell over in the aisle of the plane and other passengers threw rubbish at them. A classy start that would set the tone for a fabulous three weeks.

I was writing a day by day diary in my Blackberry but it was stolen from my hotel room during the evening of the wedding. This is a great metaphor for the South African experience. So much about the country is amazing but in the background there is an undercurrent of crime that effects everything. Thankfully this was the only negative to an otherwise wonderful three weeks.

One of the things that I was writing about were stories that I picked up from the local newspapers. Like the fact that a government agency has just dropped 16 serious charges including racketeering, money-laundering, corruption, fraud and tax evasion involving about 4m rand against the (probably) incoming ANC president Zuma. I know this is global news but it’s staggering that the South African people will elect Zuma without him clearing his name in a court of law (he says he is totally innocent). Another story was about how nearly 9000 guns have gone missing from South African police stations in the last three years. No official explanation has been given but it is basically understood that cops have been stealing the guns and selling them to criminals. Unbelievable. Sadly the other things I wrote down are all on my blackberry. If the cops spent more time doing their jobs instead of selling their guns you might have been be able to read some of them.

Matt and Bronwen’s wedding itself was beautiful and everyone had a funnel great time. The party went on to all hours and ended in a state of undress in the pool.

Matt and Bronwen's wedding at Diemersfontein Wine Farm, South Africa

After the wedding we all went on the honeymoon together to Bronwen’s family batch in Die Kelders where some of us went great white shark cage diving. Basically you sit around in a cage in freezing water while the guides attract natures most perfect killing machine with big chunks of tuna. We saw a few big sharks but sadly none while we were actually in the water.

Divers in the cage waiting for a great white shark, Die Kelders, South Africa

After Die Kelders the honeymoon moved to Langebaan where we did some water skiing and swimming. Finally we moved back to Cape Town which I have to say is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.

Hubbers 'exploring' Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

On the whole the honeymoon was a huge success and I think I may have a change of career into honeymoon coordination on the horizon.