Last night I was using and a couple of the filters wouldn’t work. I noticed they had a ‘Help us with feedback’ button. so I clicked it and said what was happening. Experience has taught me not to expect too much with these things so imagine my surprise to receive this email less than an hour later

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. We have tested the link, and it looks like you had ‘Rural’ selected when browsing on a non rural area.

I ran a test on Chrome 35 and Windows 8.1 and our filters seem to be working.

Here is the same link, without any filters activated:

Can you confirm if you are still having troubles with the price filters?

Kind regards,
Homely Customer Team


  • Have a prominent button on your site that asks users to help you with feedback
  • When users give feedback capture other useful information like URL, browser, OS …
  • Respond immediately with a useful answer

Users will be blown away as this experience should be far better than what they are used to.